In a desolate block of government-owned accommodation, Archie and Isaac are waiting to be 'certified' in a radical government scheme which requires a series of unsettling tests to determine just how strong Archie and Isaac's relationship is. If successful, they unlock a better standard of living; if not, they can never see each other again.

Overseen by examiners Iris and Valentine, it is not long before they start to doubt everything about their time together and as they begin to realise some uncomfortable truths about themselves, they will not only have to face each other but the mysterious figure of Mr Spindrift who presides over all.

Will their love prevail and if so, what will be left of it?

Archie: Joshua Asare
Isaac: Jacob Ward
Iris: Katie McLeod
Valentine: Ciara Morris
Mr. Spindrift- Angus Bower Brown

Written by Nancy Netherwood
Directed by Sam Essame
Produced by Joseph Willis
Set and Props by Natasha Dawson
Costumes by Annabel Redgate

24th-27 April 2019, 7.30pm
Old Red Lion Theatre,
418 St. John Street,
London, EC1V 4NJ

Full Price £12.00. Concessions £8.00.

“Fear is a dark, ugly cannibal that lurks at the heart of everything, no matter how we try to crush it. It's a harsh world we live in, but it is ours…You can call me Mr Spindrift. But you know that already.”