Truly alternative to the traditional, Sink The Pink announce a brand new Christmas production at London’s Pleasance Theatre and it’s set to scare. Their most ambitious project to date, this debut theatre residency closes a year’s worth of 10th birthday milestones including a headline sold out Brixton Academy show for Pride in July.

Based on Victorian melodrama and the myth of the Krampus (a horned eastern European Christmas beast with the head of a goat and long hideous claws, of course), the story follows the scandalous exploits of a part-time spirit medium/full-time con-artist. Her shadowy life takes an even darker turn when her made-up magic suddenly starts to get results. When faced with certain death and growing suspicion from everyone around her, can she catch the Krampus and save her own skin in the process?

Inspired by London's bawdy and dangerous theatrical past and a love of classic British Horror - think Sweeney Todd meets the Wicker Man - How To Catch A Krampus is a Christmas story that's strictly for grown-ups, promising a truly terrifying night at the theatre.

Written and directed by Ginger Johnson, whose credits include Sink The Pink’s previous adventures Down the Rabbit Hole and The Queens Head at Selfridges, expect something altogether more shocking with How To Catch A Krampus. Starring a host of Sink The Pink faces, the cast also includes Lavinia Co-Op, a 67-year-old drag legend of famed radical drag troupe BLOOLIPS. The show will feature a specially commissioned, spine-chilling score, performed live each night by musical director Sarah Bodalbhai and sound designer Alicia Turner, as well as ‘added deception’ from award winning magician Tom Cassani.

Glyn Fussell, co-founder of Sink The Pink says “We’re thrilled to be bringing this show to a theatre as it’s always been a dream of Sink The Pink’s. This production will be unlike anything we’ve done before. Following reactions to early workshops of the show, producers of have arranged for first aiders to be present at every performance, should audience members become unwell. Hang onto your wigs!”

As always with Sink the Pink “everyone is welcome and everyone is celebrated” – prepare to be spooked this Christmas…

Running Time: 2hrs | Suitable for ages 18+

Company Information
Written and Directed by Ginger Johnson
Musical Director by Sarah Bodalbhai
Sound Design by Alicia Jane Turner
Lighting Design by Sorcha Stott-Strzala
With Added Deception by Tom Cassani (magician)

Sarah Bodalbhai, Tom Cassani, Lavinia Co-op, David Cumming, Ginger Johnson, Mairi Houston, Mahatma Michael, Alice Jane Turner

Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Road, London N7 9EF

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