Park Theatre today announce their new January - June 2019 season. Featuring seven world and four UK/European premieres, thirteen productions include an array of new plays from celebrated writers, new work developed through Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator programme and scripts based on true stories and personal accounts.

Artistic Director Jez Bond says: “With a season that includes British, American, French, Danish and Vietnamese playwrights, I’m excited to announce an eclectic season of predominantly new writing that promises something for everyone.”

The world premiere of historical drama Rosenbaum’s Rescue by A. Bodin Saphir opens the new Park200 season, as the true mystery of how over 7,000 Danish Jews managed to evade the Nazi peril in WWII is explored through the stories of two childhood friends. Following a critically acclaimed run at the Public Theater in New York, Martin Sherman’s Gently Down The Stream celebrates and mourns the men and women who led the way for marital equality, directed by Sean Mathias (No Man’s Land). Leading actor and comedian Miles Jupp stars in The Life I Lead, filling in the blanks behind the well-known face of Walt Disney’s favourite English gent, David Tomlinson. Parisian playwright Alexis Michalik’s Intra Muros follows, as ageing thespian Richard prepares to direct his first theatre class inside a maximum-security prison, assisted by his ex-wife and an inexperienced social worker. Jonathan Maitland returns to Park Theatre with The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson, in a timely comedy drama navigating the mind of one of the most divisive politicians of our time. Napoli, Brooklyn closes the Park200 season, in a family drama set in 1960 New York, as three Italian American sisters become torn between their heritage and their changing neighbourhood.

The Dame by Katie Duncan commences the new Park90 season, as former Blue Peter presenter and actor Peter Duncan stars as a seasoned Pantomime Dame who returns to his Northern roots. Based on true events, Tom Wright’s comedy My Dad’s Gap Year follows, as a father in mid-life freefall takes his repressed, gay, teenage son on a wild adventure to Thailand. A male comedian struggling with depression is fighting his own war in jet-black comedy We’re Staying Right Here. Poignant love story Cry Havoc explores the relationship between the Western world and the Islamic Middle East through two men asking if love can bridge the divide. Modern historical satire Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough comes next, following a fictionalised pre-Brexit election circuit with a look at the pantomime of British politics. Exploding stereotypes associated with the elderly, Beneath The Blue Rinse is a high octane comedy about a feisty 75-year-old who takes a con artist hostage. Concluding the Park90 season, Tuyen Do’s family saga Summer Rolls follows the dual journey of a second-generation Vietnamese woman pursuing prosperity, anchored by her war-torn family’s heritage.


9 January – 9 February 2019
Park Theatre and Breaking Productions present the World Premiere of

Written by A. Bodin Saphir
Directed by Kate Fahy
Production supported by Park Theatre’s Producers’ Circle
Press Night: Tue 15 Jan, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Age guidance: 14+
Captioned: Wed 6 Feb 7.30pm

Can the truth ever set you free?

October, 1943. Seven and a half thousand Jews flee Denmark in fishermen’s boats, crossing the water to Sweden and to safety from the occupying Nazi regime. To some, a miracle rescue of biblical proportions. To others, the question remains: how did thousands of Jews slip through the grasp of the most powerful war machine ever assembled?

Hanukkah, 2001. At a remote home on the snowy Danish coast, it’s time for two old friends to bury the hatchet. Lars and Abraham have not seen eye to eye for decades, but old tensions refuse to thaw as Lars’relentless pursuit of the truth concerning the flight of Danish Jews during WWII challenges Abraham’s faith, patience and memories. And when an old secret surfaces and threatens the very foundation of their relationship, fact starts to blur with fiction.

Moving and funny, this sharp and intriguing new play unravels the stories of two childhood friends and one of history’s most compelling mysteries.

13 February – 16 March 2019
Robert Fox and Alex Turner in association with Park Theatre present the UK Premiere of

Written by Martin Sherman
Directed by Sean Mathias
Set and Costume Design by Lee Newby
Press Night: Mon 18 Feb, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Age guidance: 14+
Captioned: Fri 15 Mar, 7.30pm

Following a critically acclaimed run at the Public Theater in New York, Gently Down The Stream makes its UK premiere at Park Theatre.

This passionate new play by Olivier and TonyAward nominee Martin Sherman makes its UK debut 40 years after his celebrated modern classic Bent, which subsequently became a major film directed by Olivier and Tony-Award nominee Sean Mathias (No Man’s Land), who directs this production of Gently Down The Stream, marking Martin Sherman’s 80th birthday.

The play follows the remarkably moving and brilliantly funny love story of Beau, a retired American pianist living in London, and Rufus, an eccentric young lawyer. Coming of age during the 70s, Beau’s attitude to love has been seasoned by a life of loving men in a world that initially refused to allow it. Not looking for a long-term relationship, Beau is naturally cautious when Rufus unexpectedly enters his world. However, while the age gap feels unorthodox to Beau, it is immaterial to Rufus, who is from a new generation of gay men. Rufus has none of Beau’s doubts about the possibility of attaining happiness and love in the 21st Century and as he assimilates himself into Beau’s past and present, Beau learns to embrace Rufus as one of the most defining relationships of his life.

As generations intertwine, Gently Down The Stream reveals the journey of gay history and celebrates the men and women who led the way for equality, marriage and the right to dream.

18 March – 30 March 2019
Jonathan Church Productions and Exeter Northcott Theatre in association with Park Theatre present the World Premiere of

Written by James Kettle
Directed by Selina Cadell
Designed by Lee Newby
Starring Miles Jupp
Press Night: Tue 19 Mar, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Age guidance: 12+
British Sign Language: Thu 28 Mar, 7.30pm

Best remembered for playing Mr Banks in Disney’s classic film Mary Poppins, David Tomlinson was renowned for playing the classic English gent, forthright, proper, and a loveable fool. His meeting with Walt Disney came to encapsulate his incredible life full of adventure and heartbreak.

The man who portrayed one of cinema’s most famous patriarchs was defined by his relationship with his own father – a remote eccentric, who was hiding an extraordinary tragicomic secret.

The Life I Lead sees Miles Jupp, one of Britain’s leading stand-up comedians and revered actors (Mock the Week, The News Quiz, Rev, The Durrells) bring David Tomlinson’s remarkable story to life.

A richly comic and moving tale of fathers and sons across the generations, The Life I Lead fills in the blanks behind a very well-known face.

3 April – 4 May 2019
Adam Blanshay Productions in association with Park Theatre present the UK Premiere of

Written by Alexis Michalik
Translated by Pamela Hargreaves
Directed by Ché Walker
Press Night: Fri 5 Apr, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Age guidance: 16+. Strong language and themes of a violent nature.
Captioned: Fri 3 May, 7.30pm

‘Now it’s your turn to act…’

Ageing thespian Richard is preparing to direct his first theatre class in a maximum security prison, assisted by his former-actress ex-wife Jane and an inexperienced social worker called Alice.

When only two inmates turn up he decides to go ahead with the class nonetheless - and so begins a captivating and darkly comic exploration of life, within the walls.

Written by the multi Molière Award-winning Alexis Michalik (Edmond, Le Porteur d'histoire, Le Cercle des illusionnistes), the critically acclaimed Intra Muros will enjoy its UK Premiere at Park Theatre.

Full of Michalik’s trademark sharp wit and extraordinary method of storytelling, including a live on-stage DJ; this multi-faceted, provocative comedy drama questions our concept of time and its effect on the human spirit.

9 May – 8 June 2019
Glynis Henderson Productions in association with Park Theatre present the World Premiere of

Written by Jonathan Maitland
Directed by Lotte Wakeham
Press Night: Mon 13 May, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Age guidance: 14+. Some bad language.
Audio described: Thu 6 Jun 7.30pm

It was the dinner that changed history: the night in February 2016 when Boris Johnson decided to vote ‘leave’. Guests included fellow MP Michael Gove, media mogul Evgeny Lebedev and, for Boris at least, the spirits of prime ministers past – Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Tony Blair.

Fast forward to post-Brexit Britain, 2029: a country divided. Boris is back in the political wilderness and has ambitions to make Britain great again, but what are his true intentions?

Navigating a career in politics and the media, Boris remains as divisive as ever and in an unexpected turn of events, soon finds himself mired - yet again - in controversy.

Written by Jonathan Maitland (author of Park Theatre hits Dead Sheep and An Audience With Jimmy Savile), this timely comedy drama offers an insight into the mind of one of the most divisive politicians of our time.

13 June – 13 July 2019
Original Theatre Company in association with Park Theatre present the European premiere of

Written by Meghan Kennedy
Directed by Lisa Blair
Press Night: Mon 17 Jun, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3pm
Age guidance: 12+
Audio Described: Tue 9 Jul, 7.30pm. Touch tour 6pm.

1960, Brooklyn, New York.

The Muscolinos have raised three proud and passionate daughters. Each of them bonded by a fierce love for one another and harbouring a secret longing that could tear the family apart.

When an earth-shattering event rocks their Park Slope neighbourhood, life comes to a screeching halt and the sisters are forced to confront their conflicting visions for the future in this gripping, provocative and poignant portrait of love in all its danger and beauty.

Originally commissioned by The Roundabout Theatre Company and currently nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award 2019. The Original Theatre Company (Monogamy, Birdsong, The Habit of Art) are proud to present the UK premiere of Meghan Kennedy’s enthralling coming-of-age tale directed by Lisa Blair whose recent credits include a five star revival of Jerusalem.


2 January – 26 January 2019
Cahoots Theatre Company and Gale Productions in association with Park Theatre present

Written by Katie Duncan
Directed by Ian Talbot
Cast includes: Peter Duncan
Press Night: Fri 4 Jan, 7pm
Times: Evenings Tue – Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Age guidance: 12+
Dementia Friendly: Thu 24 Jan 13.00

“My armour, my war paint, the battle out there: it’s all I’ve ever known.”

A lost world of seaside entertainment, piers and promenades is brought to life when seasoned Pantomime Dame Ronald Roy Humphrey returns to his Northern roots. As the curtain falls on the last show of the day, Roy is in a wistful, melancholic mood, but as the years fall away, ghosts and memories from the past confront him with what he has spent his whole life trying to forget.

The Dame takes us on a journey inside an entertainer’s mind to expose the fragile creature beneath the make-up, bluster and bravado. However many masks we wear; the truth will always be revealed.

Starring Oliver-nominated actor and former Blue Peter daredevil Peter Duncan.

Directed by the Award-winning Ian Talbot, Artistic Director of Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre for over 20 years.

30 January – 23 February 2019
Alexandra Da Silva in association with Park Theatre presents the World Premiere of

Written by Tom Wright
Directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE
Cast includes Victoria Gigante
Press Night: Fri 1 Feb, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Age guidance: 16+ Contains explicit language, references to drug use and scenes of a sexual nature.
Captioned: Wed 20 Feb 19.45

“Seriously William, you’re eighteen and you’re gay, for Christ’s sake. You’re meant to swim against the tide. A proper gap year is all about traveling. Seeing the world. Popping your cherry. This is our chance to start living. Me and you.”

This is the story of Dave; a dad in mid-life freefall who takes his repressed, gay, teenage son William on a wild adventure to Thailand. Written by Tom Wright and directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE, My Dad’s Gap Year is a wickedly funny and heartfelt story based on true events.

Gay love, straight love, trans love, buddy-love, drinking games and beer bellies. Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a mad one!

26 February – 23 March 2019
Metal Rabbit Productions in association with Park Theatre present the World Premiere of

Written by Henry Devas
Directed by Jez Pike
Press Night: Fri 1 Mar, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Age guidance: 16+, Strong language. Trigger warning, could be affective for people struggling with mental health.
Audio Described: Wed 20 Mar, 7.45pm (Touch Tour 6pm)
Parents & Babies: Thu 14 Mar 1pm

“I hate you. I hate this place. We’re not leaving. No one’s leaving. We are staying right here.”

In a world full of hate there was Matthew. Stand-up comic. New Father. Nice chap. Life fair to middling.

Then the war started.

Matt hides in his flat with Benzies and Tristabel. They arrived one day and never left. No one ever leaves now. The door is locked. The windows are boarded. It’s dangerous outside.

As the man Matthew used to be fades away, the three men tell themselves stories about the past, present and future. Stories about their escape.

They have a plan. They have a ladder. It’s polished. It’s worshipped. It goes straight through the roof and beyond. It will be their salvation. They’ll climb it one day. If only they could get it prepared. If only Matt could figure out what role he’ll play in this war. If only the others could just stop talking.

A jet-black comedy about the least comic of human struggles; one man's survival in a world turned upside down. We're Staying Right Here is a manic Duracell-bunny of a play that simply refuses to shut up.

27 March – 20 April 2019
Time Zone Theatre Ltd in association with Park Theatre present the European Premiere of

Written by Tom Coash
Directed by Pamela Schermann
Press Night: Fri 29 Mar, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm (excluding 28 & 30 Mar)
Age guidance: 16+ Contains strong language, nudity, scenes of a sexual nature and scenes referring to violence which some audience members might find disturbing.
Parent & Baby: Thu 18 Apr, 1pm

“Love is a search for faith. Love is passion. Putting your hand in the fire and believing. Ripping your heart out and laying it on a sidewalk for mobs to trample. What would you do for love?”

In present day Cairo, two men are forced to confront their cultural identities, traditions and a repressive government in a gripping search for love and faith.

Cry Havoc is a passionate love story between a spirited young Egyptian and an idealistic British writer.

Tom Coash’s poignant, intimate play explores the relationship between the Western world and the Islamic Middle East through the eyes of two people asking if love can bridge even the widest cultural divide.

24 April – 18 May 2019
Fragen Theatre in association with Park Theatre present the World Premiere of

Written by Ben Alderton
Directed by Roland Reynolds
Designed by Isabella Van Braeckel
Press Night: Fri 26 Apr, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Age guidance: 16+ Strong language and sexual references
Audio Described: Thu 16 May, 7.45pm (Touch Tour, 6pm)

Political leaders Ned Contraband and David Carter ruthlessly battle it out to get into government. Whether it’s propaganda, ridicule, hacking, leaking, bullying, blackmail, coalition or negotiation - no tactic is too low.

Which party has the best pitch? Who do we set up for failure? Why are we in this situation in the first place? And who is this peculiar janitor talking in riddles? One thing is clear: the system is very much broken. But who’s going to fix it?

Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough is a political satire by Fragen Theatre Company taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the unjust, corrupt and farcical pantomime that is British Politics.

A relentless, fast-paced, hysterical, crude, offensive, passionate, visceral and oh so English comedy that will leave you wanting to grab a placard and take to the streets!

21 May – 15 June 2019
KEPOW! Theatre and Veritas Theatre in association with Park Theatre present

A comedy by Tom Glover
Designed by Nomi Everall
Cast includes Kevin Tomlinson
Press Night: Fri 24 May, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Age guidance: 14+ Strong language
Captioned: Wed 12 Jun, 7.45pm

Quentin Tarantino meets Last of the Summer Wine in this wickedly funny, high-octane comedy about growing old passionately and disgracefully.

When unscrupulous, over-confident salesman Simon Sudgebury comes knocking on the door of the seemingly timid Flora Parkin, hoping to scare her into buying an expensive alarm system, little does he realise what he is about to let himself in for. Feisty, charismatic 75-year-old Flora and her gentle 72-year-old ‘toy boy’ lover George are not what they first appear!

Produced by comedy-based theatre company KEPOW! Beneath The Blue Rinse explodes stereotypes associated with 'senior citizens' and questions how society views and treats the elderly.

KEPOW! Theatre have been producing high quality comedy theatre shows for over 20 years, with many of their shows receiving 5-star reviews at the Edinburgh Festival, before going on to tour the UK and abroad (Seven Ages, On the Edge and Crazy Little Thing Called Love!).

Tom Glover was selected as one of three winners of the 2018 BAFTA/Rocliffe New Writing Showcase Competition. Preceding this, he has been a winner and runner up in two BBC writing competitions, with a number of projects optioned and one commissioned.

18 June – 13 July 2019
VanThanh Productions in association with Park Theatre presents the World Premiere of

Written by Tuyen Do
Directed by Kristine Landon-Smith
Set and costume design by Moi Tran
Press Night: Mon 24 Jun, 7pm
Times: Evenings Mon – Sat 7.45pm, Matinees Thu & Sat 3.15pm
Age guidance: 14+
Captioned: Fri 12 Jul, 7.45pm

“That girl. She always makes me shout. If we’re not careful, she’ll turn rotten like an English child”

Mai is impulsive, intelligent, independent and growing up fast. As well as realising from a young age that her family are nursing deep wounds and secrets, she also has to navigate her dual identity as a second-generation immigrant.

Having escaped war-torn Vietnam, her family’s individual journeys and memories have left scars that Mai was too young to understand. Embracing their silence, Mai’s camera becomes a conduit through which her journey of discovery begins.

Summer Rolls by critically-acclaimed actress Tuyen Do (National Theatre's The Great Wave) is a sweeping family saga that examines the Nguyen family’s life in Britain. This marks a seminal moment as the first British Vietnamese play to be staged in the United Kingdom.