Bristol Tobacco Factory Theatres’ 25th anniversary production of Jonathan Harvey’s iconic Beautiful Thing (11 – 27 Oct).

Harvey tells the story of self-discovery of two 17-year olds living on a council estate in Thamesmead who grow up in the face of the Thatcherite attempts of alienation and marginalisation of the LGBTQ community. Although first performed in 1993, Beautiful Thing is still as urgent and vital as it was 25 years ago – offering a razor-sharp depiction of life on a post-war council estate, and demonstrates the ability of community to raise you out of isolation.

The landmark LGBTQ cult hit play is directed by Bristol Tobacco Factory Theatres’ Artistic Director Mike Tweddle, who is once again leading a team of local and national artists to present this optimistic and unique coming-of-age story.

The film of the same name, directed by Hettie MacDonald in 1996, was recently voted the 20th most iconic LGBT film in history proving the importance and weight its story still carries today. MacDonald’s adaptation of Beautiful Thing launched the career of Tameka Empson, who starred alongside Meera Syal and Linda Henry.

Beautiful Thing is running from 11 – 27 October at the newly re-developed Bristol Tobacco Factory Theatres.


First performance: 11 October
Final performance: 27 October

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