Due to popular demand For King and Country has been extended again until Sunday 5th August 2018. The show offers audiences a chance to immerse themselves in a gaming style experience.

It's December 1940 and a Nazi invasion force has landed on the south coast of England - every decision taken in the bunker will shape the course of history! Reinventing the wheel of immersive theatre, Parabolic Theatre present an escape room-like experience with a high level of interaction where the audience determine the direction and flow of the story.

This exciting interactive production offers audiences a chance to live through Britain’s ‘Darkest Hour’, making many of the tough decisions that Churchill himself made. With London in crisis, parliament is recalled and with all the members of both houses meeting in Westminster, the audience represent a small group of backbench MPs and their families - designated survivors – who have been taken to a secure location. They are completely unaware of the imminent events that will thrust them into the limelight and put the fate of the country in their hands. Can you save the British people from Hitler and his Third Reich, or will the war be over by Christmas?

For King and Country is an immersive theatre experience where every single night is different. The actors have no scripts, just a complete understanding of the alternative world they are creating aided by in-depth historical research. The audience are not just watching; at some point everyone will play the protagonist in one way or another.

Director Owen Kingston comments, For King and Country is an unusual beast - a hugely political play that has a lot to say about today’s world through the lens of an alternative history, yet it is also a riot of fun! Bertolt Brecht always wanted his work to engage audiences better with politics by making theatre feel more like a boxing match - the same tense atmosphere of excitement where the audience feel personally invested in the outcome. I think For King and Country achieves that - I’m so glad that the extension will give more people the chance to experience it for themselves.

The Colab Factory, 74 Long Lane, London SE1 4AU

Performance Dates Wednesday 18th April – Sunday 29th July 2018
Wednesday - Friday, 8pm
Saturday, 3.30pm and 8pm
Sunday, 2pm and 6pm

Running time 2 hours 15 minutes

Twitter @kingcountry_LDN, #forkingandcountry

Writer/Director Owen Kingston

Producers Eleanor Russo
Edward Andrews
Owen Kingston
Showrunner Lauren Reed


Christopher Styles Major Timothy Smythe
Edward Andrews Squadron Leader James Muir
Zoe Flint Flight Officer Elsie Harvey
Peter Dewhurst Douglas Remington-Hobbs
Michael Thomas Reverend William Sinclair
Lauren Reed Cousin Betty
Owen Kingston Captain Alan Howard, RN
Tom Black Alistair Phipps

How to get there The Colab Factory is on the Jubilee and Northern line. The nearest tube station is Borough, turn right out of the station and then immediately left onto Long Lane. London Bridge (St Thomas Street exit) is a short walk, turn onto Great Maze Pond and continue until you’re on Long Lane. The closest bus stop is on Tennis Street and is a 2 minute walk from the Colab Factory.

Box Office Tickets are available priced from £29 at https://www.forkingandcountry.london/.