This summer the Lyric Hammersmith is pleased to be hosting a variety of free outdoor events and performances as LyricFest returns. The 3-day event is packed with a range of different art forms from music, theatre, dance and poetry, bringing an extraordinary line up of talent to Lyric Square to celebrate the vibrant and diverse community of Hammersmith. The event will run from 29 June – 01 July 2018. Tickets.

During the run of the Lyric’s current production, Fatherland, each of the show’s producers (Lyric Hammersmith, Frantic Assembly and LIFT) will take it in turns every Friday night to curate post show entertainment. The first Lyric Lates evening, taking place on 08 June, will be hosted by LIFT as trill.pill DJs her eclectic mix which encompasses soulful music through the eras, from the rare groove and riddims of the 70s to the funky, bass injected jams of the 00s. Frantic Assembly will host 15 June and Lyric Hammersmith 22 June. Entertainment will start at 9:30pm until 11pm in the Bar and Grill.

The Lyric’s Roof Garden is one of the hidden gems of west London. This summer, the Lyric is working in partnership with Fever-Tree to introduce a new Gin and Tonic menu to the Bar and Grill and there will be a series of special offers available on food and drink on Wednesday evenings through July and August, keep an eye on the Lyric social media for updates. The Bar and Grill is open to members of the public to enjoy food and drinks whilst the sun is shining, or to hire the space exclusively for large summer celebrations. A full food and drink menu and further information on events held on the roof terrace can be found at

LyricFest Events Tickets

Love Letters Live Music Friday 29 June
Live music from the Lyric Hammersmith’s Evolution Festival 2018.
Lyric Hammersmith Lyric Square, King Street, London W6 0QL Tel +44 (0)20 8741 6850 
Chair LisaBurgerArtisticDirector SeanHolmesExecutiveDirector SianAlexanderRegisteredCharityNo.278518RegisteredCompanyNo.1443809

Guilty Pleasures DJ set Friday 29 June
Let’s face it, the 21st century is not for the fainthearted – and we all need a release.
That’s where Guilty Pleasures comes in: we’re taking back control and bringing back the fun. Leave your baggage in the cloakroom and get ready to worship at the altar of mind-blowingly awesome party bangers, at the greatest pop night the world has ever seen.
Guilty Pleasures is a true one-off. Immersive, unashamedly unapologetic and includes YOU in its quest to make your big night out great again. It’s a place where you can ditch the guilt and focus on the good, and revel in the pleasure of being part of something fabulous. Pop is a truly great thing and we should never feel ashamed.

The Little Gardener Saturday 30 June
11am, 1pm & 4pm
An outdoor, interactive adventure for all little gardeners aged 2+.
Performed inside a greenhouse, containing a real-life garden, How It Ended tell the story of a little gardener and the garden that meant everything to him. He worked hard, very hard, but he was just too little to make a difference (or at least he felt he was). Will you help the little gardener bring his garden to life? This spellbinding show will melt your heart and get your hands dirty too!

Baby Disco Saturday 30 June 12noon
The time has come to put on your dancing shoes, take your little one by the hand and show them how it’s really done! Baby Disco is a fun and energising outdoor dance event for families. Set to the tune of upbeat and popular music, the class will get your whole family moving, shaking and twirling under the sun.

ZooNation performance Saturday 30 June
Groundbreaking storytellers using original music and dance to inspire the next generation of theatregoers and makers.
Lyric Hammersmith Lyric Square, King Street, London W6 0QL Tel +44 (0)20 8741 6850 
Chair LisaBurgerArtisticDirector SeanHolmesExecutiveDirector SianAlexanderRegisteredCharityNo.278518RegisteredCompanyNo.1443809

Rampaging Rhinos Saturday 30 June
#RAMPAGINGRHINOCEROS big puppet walkabout is a family fun, extraordinarily bizarre walkabout act of three large rhinoceros body parts including two heads and a big bum. They might have split apart because of artistic differences in our post-colonial world but that is open to interpretation. The act is engaging, beastly and strangely sculptural and creates pandemonium!

How To Fail At Being Perfect Saturday 30 June
5pm & 7pm
It is the year 2138. In London, only very busy people survive.
These people don’t have time to raise their own children. But every now and then, they feel they need a child. For example, if they feel like playing football on a Sunday afternoon in the yard. Where do the people of London go when the need for a child arises? They go to Neverland Enterprise! C.E.O. Peter Pan and his fierce assistant Tinkerbell train the perfect lease children for every occasion.
When Wendy Darling, tired of being ignored by her own dad, decides to join Neverland Enterprise, it doesn’t turn out quite as she expected it would. It takes a lot of work to be perfect. Maybe she should join Captain Hook’s gang of pirates instead?
This is a Young Lyric Production which has been developed over the past six months with Nele Van Den Broeck, Emma Oliver Trend and Young Lyric Members.

Stop, Drop and Yoga Sunday 01 July
Breathe, move, challenge your mind’s perception of what you can do.

FRAME Rave Sunday 01 July 12:15pm
It's like hitting the dance floor hard with your best mates disguised as a workout. You’ll leave dripping in sweat but totally exhilarated! Frame’s on a mission to make sweat sexy, so come and join us for 45 minutes of non-stop cardio. You will LOVE IT.
Lyric Hammersmith Lyric Square, King Street, London W6 0QL Tel +44 (0)20 8741 6850 
Chair LisaBurgerArtisticDirector SeanHolmesExecutiveDirector SianAlexanderRegisteredCharityNo.278518RegisteredCompanyNo.1443809

Blue Planet/Paul Allen talk
The Extraordinary Journey of Human Beings, Energy and Happiness
Sunday 01 July
An inspirational multimedia presentation by Paul Allen from the Centre of Alternative Technology with a specially composed soundtrack performed live by pianist Lola Perrin.
"If we are unable to imagine a positive future we won't create it" Paul Allen
From the big bang to big oil, human history is deeply marked by revolutions in energy production and use. Paul Allen, from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, explains how fossil fuels, stores of ancient sunlight from 400 million years ago, transformed our civilisation. Now, we need to transform it again.
Can we reshape our society's relationship with energy in time to curb global warming?

Tri-borough Music Orchestra performance Sunday 01 July
The Tri-borough Youth Orchestra was established in 2015 to provide an exciting opportunity for aspiring musicians of an advanced standard to come together in weekly rehearsals leading to regular performance.
Based at the Lyric Hammersmith, the orchestra is privileged and uniquely positioned to benefit from connections with the Tri-borough Music Hub's partner organisations, which include the strategic partners, the Royal College of Music, the Royal Albert Hall, Aurora orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Royal Academy of Music and Wigmore Hall. The Lyric itself is a theatre with a vibrant programme of youth arts activity. Membership of the Tri-borough Youth Orchestra includes Young Lyric membership, and therefore unlimited access to the building and activities. Supported by our fantastic partner organisations this new orchestra has high aspirations and a bright future.

Figs in Wigs Sunday 01 July 4pm
Figs in Wigs exist in the nooks and crannies of live art, theatre, comedy and cabaret. But for LyricFest they’ll be doing what they’re worst at - dancing. Aficionados of deadpan dance routines, Figs in Wigs have been throwing up shapes ever since they first discovered they had limbs (back in 2010). Eight years on and they’ve finally mastered the art of dancing like nobody's watching too closely.

Bees! Sunday 01 July 5pm
With typical panache and imagination, Artizani presents a funny and thought-provoking walkabout performance.
Devotees of the esteemed bee carry the deluxe hive with the greatest care. Once set down, the public are called to step forward: Hear the BEE! Feel the Bee! Smell the Bee! Taste the Bee! And if you dare, put your eye up to the hive and See the Bee! With a hilarious sting in the tail this is a miniature installation with a huge visual impact.

Things I Know To Be True screening Sunday 01 July
A Digital Theatre screening of Frantic Assembly and State Theatre Company South Australia’s Things I Know to be True, the story of a family and marriage through the eyes of four grown siblings struggling to define themselves beyond their parents’ love and expectations.
Parents Bob and Fran have worked their fingers to the bone and with their four children grown and ready to fly the nest it might be time to relax and enjoy the roses. But the changing seasons bring home some shattering truths.
Featuring Frantic Assembly’s celebrated physicality, and co-directed by Frantic Assembly’s Tony and Olivier Award nominated Artistic Director Scott Graham and State Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Geordie Brookman, Things I Know To Be True is a complex and intense study of the mechanics of a family that is both poetic and brutally frank.
A Frantic Assembly and State Theatre Company South Australia production. Originally produced in collaboration with Warwick Arts Centre in association with Chichester Festival Theatre and the Lyric Hammersmith.

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