“Il Vestito di Arlecchino” is an original play written by Fiorella Colombo e Lazzaro Calcagno which integrates the classic italian tradition of Commedia dell'Arte. It's a drama “game” that includes many categories, actors, puppets and cinema. There are some typical Commedia dell'Arte's masks, like Arlecchino and Colombina.

“Il Vestito di Arlecchino” is about the events of a poor guy, who lives with his mother and works for Pantalone. One day he meets Colombina and falls in love with her, but the forest's spirit, Pukis, will try to shake up the two lovers' destiny.

Besides, Arlecchino doesn't have a right costume to go to the party that could be the so much desired turning point of his life.

The story in about how Arlecchino gets his typical coloured patch costume. Helped by his friend, Pinocchio, he will try to win back Colobina's heart and get world's respect,

“Il Vestito di Arlecchino”'s debut was on the 25th of September 2016 at the drama festival of the Puppet Theatre in Kirov, Russia, winning the prize for “Best drama tradition play”.



Written by Lazzaro Calcagno e Fiorella Colombo; original music by Lazzaro Calcagno e Fiorella Colombo; with Fiorella Colombo, Sara Damonte, Silvia Marinello, Walter Marinello, Manuela Salviati, Emanuele Vito; directed by Lazzaro Calcagno; produced by Theatre "Il Sipario Strappato" of Arenzano (Genoa), ITALY

“Il Vestito di Arlecchino” is appropriate for children and adults and there aren't comprehension problems, because Commedia dell'Arte is mostly based on pantomime and the three short films inside don't have words but just music.

In the play what is important is the friendship value and the importance of the diligence to get to a purpose.

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