Eighteen year old Lizzie is on a mission. Sat on the 9.15am train from London Kings Cross, she's travelling to her future. When Ted, an elderly man, arrives and sits opposite her she is faced with someone travelling to their past. As Lizzie reaches out to him, his life story unravels and intertwines with hers. Neither Lizzie nor Ted’s life will be quite the same after this chance encounter.

LUCKY follows two strangers as they meet on a train from London to Cambridge, and so the audience over the 46 minute journey, are invited into these strangers lives and asked the question of what it truly means to be lucky. Starring Paul Lavers (Dr Who) and Hollie Crisp, directed by Sarah Lawrie. Tickets are £10, https://www.katzpace.co.uk/lucky/

LUCKY by Vicki Berwick
28th March, 7.30pm Katzpace.co.uk