Hampstead Theatre is delighted to announce the return of The Festival at Hampstead Theatre for a fourth year running, which will take place on 17 and 18 February 2018. The Festival will showcase unique events including workshops and panel discussions featuring stage, television and film figures, such as Christopher Biggins, Kate Mosse, Ryan Craig and Victoria Saxton. The full Festival programme is outlined below.

The first Festival at Hampstead Theatre was hosted in March 2015 and was an overwhelming success, attracting a 2,500 footfall. Since then, David Hare, Alison Steadman, Meera Syal, Mike Leigh and Thandie Newton, to name a few, have taken part in Hampstead's festivals over the years, giving audiences a behind the scenes insight into the arts and entertainment industry.

Check out the full listings here.

Festival at Hampstead Theatre Listings

How to... Write a Musical
Explore how to start writing a musical and go from scene into song
Time: 10.15am
Location: Hampstead's Rehearsal Room
Participants: Victoria Saxton, Sarah Travis and Tim Sutton
Ticket prices: £18 (full price)/£15 (concession)

Casting: Seeing Beyond the Obvious
How to juggle multiple trades in one career - and get noticed for each discipline, at the right time
Time: 10.30am
Location: Hampstead's Main Stage
Participants: Edward Hall (Chair), Dave Johns, Susie Parriss and Christopher Biggins
Ticket prices: £10 (full price)/£8 (concession)

In Conversation with Susie Boyt
Novelist Susie Boyt will discuss her inspirations, ideas and aims and read from her latest works
Time: 11am
Location: Hampstead Downstairs
Participants: Susie Boyt and Tessa Hadley
Ticket prices: £10 (full price)/£8 (concession)

How to... Speak in Public (16-19 years old)
Learn the tricks of the trade in public speaking with this fun and practical workshop for young adults
Time: 12pm
Location: Hampstead's Main Stage
Participants: Charlie Simpson
Ticket prices: £12

Frankenstein at 200: with Kate Mosse
Award-winning writer Kate Mosse explores why the story of Frankenstein continues to fascinate modern
imaginations today on the page, stage and screen
Time: 12.45pm
Location: Hampstead Downstairs
Participants: Kate Mosse
Ticket prices: £10 (full price)/£8 (concession)

How to... Write a Book
Crafting compelling storylines for your characters with best-selling author, S.J Parris
Time: 1pm
Location: Hampstead's Rehearsal Room
Participants: Stephanie Merritt (aka S.J Parris)
Ticket prices: £18 (full price)/£15 (concession)

How to... Write a Children's Book
Practical tips in writing for a young reader
Time: 2.30pm
Location: TBC
Participants: Cas Lester
Ticket prices: £18 (full price)/£15 (concession)

How to...Write a Play, Screenplay or Radio Play
Exploring the differences in writing styles for different media platforms with acclaimed writer, Ryan Craig
Time: 3.45pm
Location: Hampstead's Rehearsal Room
Participants: Ryan Craig
Ticket prices: £18 (full price)/£15 (concession)

The Ashes at Hampstead Theatre
Take your seat and watch the best English and Australian writers vie for the coveted 'Play Of The Day' -
it's sure to bowl you over. Who will win? You decide.
Time: 7pm and 8.45pm
Location: Hampstead's Rehearsal Room
Participants: Brendan Cowell, Tanika Gupta, Kathy Lette, Greg Mosse and Simon Williams
Ticket prices: £10 (full price)/£8 (concession)

Film Script Reading
A live reading of an iconic film, to be confirmed shortly, featuring a host of Britain's finest stars
Time: 6pm
Location: Hampstead's Main Stage
Ticket prices: £15 (full price)/£12 (concession)

Also available Caroline, Or Change at Hampstead Theatre, London with tickets on sale through Amazon Tickets. @AmazonTheatreUK