London based collective, Oddity debuts their first original piece, DREAMING REVENGE, running June 17 to June 21 at Applecart Arts in East Ham.

Dreaming Revenge is a journey inside a troubled character’s mind. Bea senses that Anna, her life long best friend and only support system in life, has betrayed her for the small price of a promotion. The lines between reality and fantasy blur and come back into focus as Bea begins a potentially dangerous spiral into obsession.

“You have a friend. And you carve a piece out of yourself and give it to them.” Friendship isn’t bound by the same formal rules or expectations as other types of relationships. Yet, the betrayal of these unwritten rules can be devastating...

The story unfolds in an office, centering the competitive nature of female friendships. Dreaming Revenge navigates the intricate politics of workplace relationships where violence and femininity meet - this show is not about women being pretty.

“A powerful play exploring a potentially dangerous imaginative relationship. The work was innovative, playful, moving and well realised.” - Audience Feedback in 2023

Dreaming Revenge will resonate deeply with anyone who has experienced anxiety, negative thoughts, obsession, or struggled with their mental health. The show has the potential to make audiences feel seen and understood and act as a catalyst for deeper conversations about the complexities of the human experience,

Co-creator/Producer/Performer - Ioana Pitic
Co-creator/Producer - Ella Daly
Creative Director - Kay Dent
Sound Designer - Inés Ruiz
Lighting Designer - Cory Gibson
Performer - Mia Matthews

WHAT: Dreaming Revenge
WHO: Oddity
WHERE: Applecart Arts, The Passmore Edwards Library, 207 Plashet Grove, London E6 1BX
WHEN: June 17 to 21 at 19:45

Tickets are on sale now here!
Box Office: / 020 3475 4280

Oddity is a creative ensemble, founded by Ella Daly and Ioana Pitic, making new work centered on uncertainty, relationships, feminism, and political engagement. They enjoy making theatre that is playful and subverts expectations, going between surrealist comedy and serious drama. Oddity are equal collaborators, and use a performance led practice that includes improv, clown and naturalistic play.

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