Miss In Her Teens
UK Release – 5th December

‘Four Suitors, Three Rivals, Two Cowards, and One Fortune’

Award winning Miss In Her Teens, the screen adaptation of the hugely successful 18th century play by David Garrick, features Tori Butler Hart, Alex Hassell, Graham Butler and Simon Callow with narration by Sir Ian McKellen. Written and produced by Tori Butler Hart and written and directed by Matthew Butler Hart, this was Fizz and Ginger Films’ first feature length film before the multi-award winning Two Down and the forthcoming supernatural thriller, The Isle.

Written in 1747, Miss In Her Teens farcically follows Biddy Bellair and her suitors as she waits for her true love to return home from the wars in France. To entertain herself in his absence she allows outrageous fop Fribble and blustering faker Flash to pay her court; all the while planning how she can persuade her Aunt’s choice of suitor, the lecherous old Sir Simon Loveit, that she is not the wife for him.

“We were actually planning our first original feature, Two Down, when the producers of the play version of Miss In Her Teens asked if we could film it”, explains director Matthew Butler Hart. “Theatre is never easy to film so Tori and I suggested properly adapting it for the screen. After that it all came together quite quickly because we used a lot of the cast from the play, adapted the same costumes for film, and managed to find an amazing country house in Oxfordshire for the entire shoot”.

Ian McKellen has been a supporter of Fizz and Ginger Films from the beginning, being in their first short film, Egad Zombies!, and was keen to lend his distinctive voice for the narration. It wasn’t until much later that Simon Callow came onboard, after principle photography had finished in fact, when Matthew and Tori had a conversation with Simon who has an extensive knowledge of 18th century theatre. The idea had been to end the film with narration, but Tori suggested it would be fun to actually film a scene as if Simon was the author of the play.

The film has now been released on TV, DVD and VOD in the U.S and Canada and will now be available in the UK on DVD and various VOD platforms including iTunes and Amazon from 5th December 2017.

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